At this point in time, as you are reading this page, we need you.

While we like cosplay, being grown ups, life has intruded into our time to a point where we don’t have enough time to become the cosplayers we wish we could be.

We are looking for creative people who embrace cosplay, making or designing for yourselves and for others, and who would like to expand our community.

For gamers we have YouTube and Twitch – check the links out. A cosplay YouTube page would be amazing. Step by step creating your character or maybe a series of photos.

You tell us what you think would be good for the community and, if it fits in with Grownups, we will try and accomodate your ideas.

What does it cost you – nothing

What do you get paid – nothing – the same as the rest of us. This site is being built on goodwill, hard work and our own personal money. There are donate buttons around the site, they are for when it gets to a point where we need to pay more for hosting or developing the the site for the benefit of the Grownups community.

Some people may ask why we are doing this – because we want to and because we can.

Do you want to join the Grownups community ? Register here.

Do you want to get active and help build the Cosplay part of our community email us your ideas and a photo of what you do. We will ask you to sign an agreement which protects both of us and gives us permission to use your contributions to the site should we wish to promote the site on social media or at any events. For example – we will tweet about your feature on the site, in return we do appreciate a mention that you are part of the Grownups Community.

The first in what we would like to develop as a team of cosplayers is Comtesse De La Who – don’t leave the Comtesse lonely on here. We need more of you.

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