Comtesse De La Who

My name is Bethan but people know me better as the Comtesse De La Who. My name comes from two of my favourite programs The Musketeers and Doctor Who which were my first two cosplayer. I have been dancing and taking part in shows since I was seven so I love dressing up. I also like making things so I guess that is the main reason I cosplay to be like the person I see on TV.

To start I draw different possibilities for the cosplay looking at the original and other cosplays. Because I’m a bigger girl I like to explore the possibilities so I look and feel comfortable wearing it. For example many Poison Ivy’sPoisonIvy wear a corset and hot pants or a skin tight suit. Which I wouldn’t wear at all so whilst looking in the sales online I came across a green play suit which I love wearing. A month and over seventy feet of Ivy later she was complete and in my opinion my best cosplay so far. I say so far as there are so many ideas in my head. I find it easy to buy something to build on and improve in stages. But there are  still things I find so hard to find like tights and decent wigs but I do what I can and improve when I can as this can be an expensive hobby.

I try to choose characters that I like and I haven’t seen done before like Donna Noble in her wedding dress, Dr Caitlin Snow and in the near future John Tracy. Or if I do a frequently done character like Poison Ivy or Harley quin I like to put my own spin on it like building on a play suit and having an ivy crown.

Thank you for reading my page and please like my facebook page and feel free to talk to me!

Bethan xx


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