The Man Behind The Mask

My name is Ross and I am The Man Behind The Mask I came up with my name because of the first couple of cosplays I had in mind wore masks and there is always a man behind them.

mbtm2 Ever since I was a child I’ve been obsessed with superheroes and comics but one superhero captured my heart SPIDER-MAN,  I’ve loved the wall crawler for longer than i can remember and I love what he stands for and I’ve learnt a lot of things and life lessons I still use today because of Spider-Man.


When it comes to my cosplays i do a lot of in-depth research which involves pictures, facts and different companies and methods that i can use, most of my cosplays to date have been store bought because i never had the confidence to attempt a build mbtm3from scratch that was until i started my Black Panther. My Panther to me is the best cosplay I have done from scratch and ill only get better as there are bigger and better things coming in the future so watch this space.

Thank you for reading my page feel free to visit my Facebook page and ask me any questions, or queries or just have a general chat.






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