The Order 1886

Before I get to the review portion I’d just like to say a few things. Firstly, I thoroughly enjoyed this game despite a lot of the negativity surrounding it. I first beat the game on it’s medium difficulty setting. I explored every nook and cranny and took 11 hours 24 minutes to complete.

Okay, review time.

The Order 1886, developed by Ready at Dawn Studios, is a game that puts you in a neo-Victorian London that is themed exceptionally well. The era of time mixed with this neo futuristic’ness is extremely immersive and such a joy to be a part of. It puts an ever so slight touch of scifi into an old town London vibe.


In The Order, you will play as Sir Galahad, a knight of The Order. The Order is an elite group of knights sworn to protect London from creatures they call half breeds.

The Order dates back to early medieval times formed from King Arthur Round Table after half breeds started erupting into society. The Order is no match for the beastly strength of these half breeds and starts to dwindle down to nothing. After being nearly destroyed, King Arthur’s Knights discover a liquid known as Blackwater. When consumed, this Blackwater will extend a normal life time to many lifetimes and also has mysterious healing properties. However, this does not make man immortal to wounds, injury and death. Every Knight born into The Order will drink Blackwater from a small vial that is connected to a chain as initiation. It is then wore around the neck of every Knight.

The story is absolutely stunning. One of the best stories in a video game in quite a while. (Maybe since Bioshock Infinate.) The story will consume and

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