The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

It’s finally here, the long awaited title from CD PROJEKT RED, “The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt”. I loved the first two installments of this game so I have been following closely the long development of number three. Keep in mind for this review I am playing on the PlayStation 4. So lets jump right in.

First and foremost you do not have to have played the first two installments of the game to be fully immersed into number three. The story is unique to this specific game. Some minor lore does carry through the series but nothing that is not easily picked up upon through just simply playing number three.

In The Witcher 3 you will play mainly as Geralt of Rivia, a Witcher himself, and just a complete bad ass. Geralt has a great personality, he’s insanely confident, he’s humble, he’s humorous and even sorrowful when need be. Quite honestly he’s perfect. His reactions to certain comments and dialog are great from his speech delivery to his facial expressions (which is done beautifully). Me as a gamer immediately became sucked into Geralt’s character and forgot I’m actually playing. I found myself commenting back in dialog as if I were Geralt. The immersion is among the best I’ve seen.

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