Indie Devs

We all hear about the big games from so many sources but, like Grownups Gaming, they all started somewhere. So we want to give some attention to the game developers seeking funding via Steam Greenlight, Kickstarter or any similar method being used by independent developers.

We are looking to help promote some of these newly developing games and studios. We are not looking to be a directory of games, we want to help a variety of games. We may like the idea, the graphics, the fact that it is different. If you are just launching it, we have gamers wanting to review games, if it’s in alpha or beta – we’ll try it and review it. If it’s still in the design studio – send us some info, the story and screenshots and we’ll write about it.

Not every game we hear about will feature, we have families and jobs that pay us, unlike this website which just costs us. But we will give them all consideration.

Do you want your game on here ?  Email us

Our reviews are personal to the gamer playing the game and will be honest. We try and match the genre of game to someone with an interest in playing that kind of game. We respect what developers are trying to do and if we feel there is a need for any criticism, we will do it in a constructive manner.

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