Elder Scrolls Online – A Beginners Guide

When it comes to the Elder Scrolls, it is an on-line game that offers many hours of fun and adventure. However, starting out can be challenging as there are many obstacles to overcome. The world of Tamriel offers many different adventures and understanding the right path to take your characters is paramount to your success.

Be Smart in Assigning Skill Points

In developing your character through the skill points that get assigned, remember to do the basics first for survival before emphasizing the elements that you want to be. Elder Scrolls offers a different type of skill development system that may not be as intuitive as World of Warcraft for example. Here, skill points help you gain new abilities or change the ones you have. The more you unlock, the more powerful your character can become.

Generally speaking, you want to put points in all three skill trees at first before emphasizing one particular set. This will provide you the ability to unlock more options as you progress. So, you’ll have more choices as to the type of armor for example by putting points in all three trees than just dumping them into one at least at the beginning.

Know How to Pick Locks

Even characters of pure hearts and noble intentions should gain the skill to pick locks so that you can open chests, enter doorways and so forth. This can be helpful when you are trying to manipulate the tumblers when picking locks as letting go of the left mouse button in time will help open the lock properly. Otherwise, you will have to start over again.

Be Sneaky and Choose Nightblade

If stealing is going to be your primary source of income in this world, then becoming a Nightblade should be your choice. The Assasination skill tree will help you put out a great deal of DPS and the Shadow skills help your character focus on surprise and stealth. Ranged attacks with a bow works well with this skillset or focusing on dual wielding combat techniques.

When in Doubt, choose Sorcerer

The magic class in Elder Scrolls is quite powerful and offers direct damage thanks to accessing the skill tree of Storm Calling. Sorcerers can also summon pets, control enemies and use all types of magic to confound their opponents.

Be the Paladin of Your Dreams with Templar

The Templar will use the power of light to destroy anything that threatens you. Plus, your Aedric Spear will create a considerable amount of damage to the target. You can also employ the Restoring Light tree ability which offers another set of healing powers to keep you in the game. This means that you can keep yourself and your group healthy for the combat ahead.

Be Big & Beefy with Dragon Knight

If the idea of being a Sorcerer is not that appealing despite all the advantages, then becoming a Dragon Knight is not a bad consolation prize. Dragon Knights use imposing weapons and even have access to plenty of fire magic. Properly equipped with armor and shields, you can barrel through a lot of opponents while still dishing out the damage.

The Art of Crafting

One interesting aspect of Elder Scrolls online is that you start with crafting skills that will help you find what is needed in the environment. From ore to maple logs and so forth, even animals can provide you with skins for leather working. Also, keep an eye out for crates and barrels where food and drink can be found and prepared.

Keep Healing in Mind

How far you go will depend on how healthy your character is after each encounter. Since any class can heal in this game, you should link yourself to the skill tree with the Restoration Staff so that you can access the ability to heal quickly from the first level onwards. Plan ahead as you gain experience to know when to heal so that your character will be in the best condition.



  • Check every chest, desk, cupboard, and bookshelf you come across. You can find a ton in guild halls, inns, and castles. They’ll give you experience, skill points, and even motifs for crafting.
  • Return to the starter islands. They provide good experience, loot, more skyshards, and other achievements. Oh, and don’t forget to join those guilds above before returning each island.
  • Once you choose an armor type (light, medium, heavy) don’t wear all 7 pieces of armor in that type. Instead, leave your last two, least-important armor slots for the other two types. This means you’ll be leveling up those armor types, so if you need to switch, you’re not running without any bonuses.
  • Repair your gear at vendors. It’s amazing how many people forget this.
  • Don’t skip Cyrodiil training, or you’ll lose out on valuable Alliance points