Guildmaster’s Corner

I’m not sure how long this will go on, but I want to add a few bits of my own personal opinion. It may be about the game, the guild, how I play. It could be sensible advice (maybe), funny (possibly), a rant (probably) – who knows ? I don’t until I write it. But here goes:-

This is Elder Scrolls Online – it’s not World of Warcraft, it’s not Guild Wars, it’s not Final Fantasy – get over it. A bit like a former Director of where I work “In Enfield we did it like this”, “In Enfield we did that”. Well this is Doncaster, if you don’t like it, go back to Enfield. 

Most people who have played alongside me, and maybe opposite me, know that I play how I want to and with what I want. Sometimes I may be using what the gaming elite have decided is “Best In Slot”, with skills that are ideally suited to the role. It’s not always a coincidence, but a lot of those elite gamers play a heck of a lot more than me so I often look for an alternative that fits how I play. There are also roles within a group; Tank, DPS (or DD) and Healer. I have all of those in game and I might not have the best gear and I might not have everyone’s favourite Monster set, but I do alright whichever role I’m doing. So if I can, so can you.

In the words of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson ….. “Know your role” and quoting again but this time from Billy Connolly … “Don’t tell me how to do my work, do I come to your work and tell you how to sweep up?”

A big part of this game is playing in groups, it could be a random sized group in Cyrodiil or the Imperial City, it could be a 4 man dungeon or a 12 man trial. Keeping it simple, and I know that once you get to certain levels you can multi-task, but a traditional 4 man team is 1 tank, 2 damage dealers (dd or dps) and 1 healer. A trial may be 1 0r 2 tanks, 2 or maybe 3 healers and the rest damage dealers.

The Tank – taunts the boss or a group of adds (enemies that generate at periods during the fight as opposed to mobs who are there all the time). At this point I’d like to thank Zenimax for the One Tamriel update which made the bosses harder to kill and rejuvenated the role of the tank.

Examples: The first boss in White Gold Tower, the harvester, I can’t remember her name but I’ll add it in. In an ideal world, the tank runs across to the bottom of the stairs, applies a taunt – pierce armour, ransack, inner rage, and she will concentrate on him/her. The tank moves to the bottom of the stairs so the boss is facing away from the rest of the group so the dps can attack more safely and the healer can heal. Healers – your tank needs you, he’s standing in flames and other damage over time (DoT) effects. He will probably need a stamina boost so throw a few spear shards for him to get the stamina – they do a decent bit of damage too. There are times when you may need to move around the room, taunt (they last 15 seconds) and she will follow.

Another example, which worked very well last night and though I’m sure others have done it this way, the group I was in had not. For the Crypt of Hearts 2 dungeon, when done as a pledge, your challenge is to defeat Nerien’eth with 4 wraith alive when he goes for the Ebony Blade. Nerien’eth calls wraiths in 2’s periodically. The successful attempt had the tank taunt the wraiths off to one side of the area so the rest of the team could concentrate on bringing the boss’s health down. This also works in the final fight in the Aetherian Archive trail where spiritual axes can kill you, but you can’t destroy them. The tank taunts them across the screen leaving the boss open to attack. Healer – he will need you. But from a person who has characters to do all roles – Tanks – healers know, ask them politely for shards if they don’t come fast enough. Politely because they are keeping you alive. Communication is also king – in some of the fights, especially if the tank plays in first person as I do, it can get a bit hectic with all the spells and people, so shout up and tell him what’s around him.

Damage dealers (or dps) – cause damage and kill things. You probably have a self heal of some sorts, but leave the healer to heal unless you’re in a random group where you have one of those odd creatures the tankdpshealer who is probably a dps but knows queuing as the other roles gets him into a group quicker and has queued with all options ticked. If you start healing, especially in a trial where there are harder bosses with more mobs and adds, that reduces the damage caused, which then lengthens the fight which means more healing, more tanking and probably more deaths and possibly worst of all, more repair kits. DPS – if someone dies, there are more of you so go resurrect them. If the healer does it, they stop healing.

Healers – Get the blame when people die, get the blame when the tank can’t manage his own resources (though that could be the extra work caused by the dps healing). Healers see everything, or at least they should. They aren’t a melee character so should easily be able to stand just behind any ranged dps and heal all in front of themselves. Though that is in an ideal world. Healers communicate – dps and tanks listen to your healers. If they say “you’re in a DoT”, “move away from others because of the effects of the over-charger” or “your own personal DoT stay away from others which may trigger it” – listen to them. If you don’t, you make the healer’s job harder and will probably die or kill others, you may even kill the healer because their light armour offers less protection than yours. If someone is standing in a D0T and ignores you to the point it risks everyone, let them die. They will learn, and most characters should be able to see the big red dot they are standing in. 


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