ESO – Introduction

When we are still at the early stages some people may question where the main plot is, faction quests and side quests, where the multi-player dungeons (or delves) are, here are a few pointers without giving too much away.

The Main Quest:
Expect to hear from the prophet every 5th level you reach up to level 45. Most of them will have you going back to the Harborage to get your instructions. (Good luck in finding that rich iron ore site which is allegedly just below the Harborage – I haven’t yet).

Pact specific quests:
These go up to level 43. Unlike the main quests where you get a visitation when the Prophet wants you to do something, the faction quests flow from one to another with the occasional pause. Because of this you may find yourself doing a bit of back tracking to level up your armour and weaponry. Some of these quests will not be as obvious so when you think there is no more, talk to the nearest character with a pointer above their head. If you look at a list, there are various online, it may seem that one covenant has more or fewer than the others. This is not the case as some are broken down in sections within the quest. I’ve heard Connor exclaim “Does this ******* quest never ******* end ?” (I have missed a couple of words out of that statement, but you get the idea)

Dungeons and Delves:
Public Dungeons:
There is a public dungeon in each area of Tamriel. They are large expansive areas with a quest or two for individual players though the boss could be best approached with others. But they also contain a group challenge which is not obvious. You may need to  interact with something – a book, a torch for example. These will, obviously, be harder to complete and will gain you a skill point when you succeed. If you are playing solo, use the Guild chat to see if anyone is available, or try it using the area chat or using the group finder. If all else fails may be worth hanging around the entrance to the challenge in order to group up.

Smaller than public dungeons and the most common which can be done solo or group. These do not level to your character because they are public. They usually contain several enemies, a boss, a skyshard and a lorebook. They can also be useful for locating other items – Dwemer scraps and motifs in Avanchnzel in The Rift is one for any Skyrim players (though this is set 5000 years before Skyrim so there may be a difference).

Group Dungeons:
Group Dungeons are more difficult dungeons requiring a group of 4 players and will scale to the group leader’s level. So including a level 10 player when the leader is much higher is challenging. Those archers have some serious skills and just a 5 level difference can mean a 2 shot death. Been there, died a lot. Group Dungeons are best using cooperation and teamwork . It’s very useful if one of the group has healing and revive skills. The designers of ESO say that the Group Dungeons were created with an ideal group in mind. 1 tank, 1 healer and 2 damage dealers. That said, the dungeons are not all the same, not all the enemies have the same tactics so go for it. Group Dungeons also feature a quest which can be completed whilst you go through the dungeon and will reward you with a Skill Point.

Everything you might need:
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No matter what your experience level – the beginners stuff is amazing and, using another saying “you’re never too old to learn”, I’ve been gaming for over 35 years and it certainly helped me. I live longer in both PvE and PvP, but not just that – I don’t waste my time fishing, I now catch fish.

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