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We have an Elder Scrolls Online guild in the Ebonheart Pact on both PS4 servers. Grownups Gaming EU and Grownups Gaming NA.

Both operate in the same way as we started on Destiny. No drama, no pressure, no worries. There are no demands that you have to be online at a certain time, though if you do arrange something and can’t make it, let the group/person know so they can find someone else to complete the group.

There’s no such thing as a stupid question – if you aren’t sure – ask.

We have chosen to use the Line app, it’s free, for offline communication and messaging. Add zerodragon64 on the app for an invitation to the group. We chose this because of the ability to have multiple chat threads. We also have a Facebook Group for the EU guild for those of you who prefer that. Check out the Social Media page

The EU guild has been around since week 1 and is well established. We regularly have a Guild Trader and a core of players on most nights. Weekends, when players are available, some are likely to group up for some PvP in Cyrodiil or the Imperial City/Sewers. If not, dungeons, delves, daily pledges – there’s plenty to choose from.

We have crafters and provisioners – help is there if you need something making, or helping you level up your character’s skills, or even dropping in to help out with that difficult kill.

We know some people are unsure/shy about using a microphone in game, there’s no need to be, we have 4 guild channels and it’s easy to turn off the area chat. It doesn’t matter if we aren’t in a group – it’s a social activity. If you need to ask a question, it’s the quickest way to get an answer. You can always listen in first.

We aren’t run as a typical guild, but there are 2 frequently asked questions.

  1. How much do you charge to be in the Guild ?
    Answer – nothing. If you truly want to be part of the Guild you will realise why. The funds to bid on a Trader each week comes partly from the small percentage the Guild receives from a listing, selling surplus items from the Guild Bank, but mostly from the donations from Members.
  2. How do I get promoted ? This is another area where we are not like many traditional Guilds. We don’t create extra ranks so we have the original Guildmaster, Officer, Member and Recruit. Officers can do almost everything the GM can do, hence the need to have Officers. Recruits can do everything Members can do except withdraw items from the Guild Bank. So, how do you get promoted from Recruit to Member ? There are a few do’s and don’ts which are taken into account:
    Do: Join in – help out
    Communicate with us, Line app, in game or on Facebook.
    Put stuff you acquire that you don’t need in the Guild bank – we don’t mean everything – if you can sell something to a merchant for 280% profit – take the money. But there are plenty of crafting and provisioning items, recipes etc which others in the Guild may benefit from. Doing this is also likely to get someone helping you out with craft research/writs/levelling.
    If something in the bank will help you out, message one of the Officers or the GM – they will send it to you if the request is reasonable.
    Be patient and understanding.Don’t: Ask how much gold we want to promote you. It suggests you just want access to the Guild bank and not be part of the Guild. We’ve had that – we found someone very selfish but only found out after they had withdrawn over 140 items from the bank which they obviously were not intending to use themselves. You can only wear 1 necklace and 2 rings at any one time.
    Offer to promote us in your Guild in exchange for a promotion in ours, again it gives us the same impression. We have enough to do running this Guild.

Guildmaster: ZeroDragon

Grownups Gaming NA is a much newer group, set up to help its Guildmaster find some like gamers in a more friendly timezone.

Guildmaster: Eloh_25

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  1. If anyone wandering through here is in the EU guild, check your Message Of The Day from time to time – we had a cracking PvP session last night with 7 of us grouped. It wasn’t Ebonheart’s finest hour but it was a lot of fun. It’s the best way to do PvP, especially if you are new to it, which last night was for me. Message here or in game – don’t be shy. There’s usually someone around. Shout up if you’re up for leading a PvP group and we’ll put your name in the MOTD.

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