Jetpack Jack: Bearback Attack

Could Jetpack Jack by GOTiT Studio be the next tap em up hit ? Quite possibly !

Jack is a penguin so needs his jetpack to fly and your fingers tapping on your phone or tablet to keep him in the air, navigating obstacles, catching fish to eat and, in the case of the arcade mode, enemies trying to shoot him down.

Yes, a simple concept but also irritatingly addictive. The classic mode uses the portrait orientation of the phone so you have to be ready for tapping or not because the gaps he needs to fly through appear quite quickly if you are using a phone. It’s quite relaxing once you get into the rhythm, until you tap once to often and crash, usually just short of your highest score. 

The arcade mode is more challenging, collecting shields and food while being shot at and attacked by polar bears. Because it uses landscape orientation you get to see more of what is trying to stop you. Challenging yes, but like the classic mode it has that “just one more try” before I put it down. But if you play on a bus or train, just be aware where your stop is or you might miss it.

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You will find Jack in the Google Play store from the 28th November.

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